Welcome on the website of Tech4Stu!

Tech4Stu is a new student organization in Bruges by and for – but not exclusively – IT-students. Everyone who is studying in Bruges and is interested in IT is welcome.

We frequently invite guests – or members with interesting skills – to give lectures or workshops. Every Wednesday evening we organise a club night to drink something, chat with each other and play some games or work on a project.

At Tech4Stu we also work on internal and external projects, these can be proposed by anyone. By this we also improve our social skills aside of our technical knowledge!

Every member can submit proposals for workshops or they can learn others how to work with tools they know very well!

Everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be a STEM-student, only interested and willing to learn.

Does this seem appealing to you? Contact us and we will invite you on our next club night!

Hopefully we meet soon!